What Every Teacher Needs To Do This Half-Term

What Every Teacher Needs To Do This Half-Term

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We are six weeks into the year, have reached the middle of the school year and that only means one thing- it’s half term. Whilst for many teachers, this does not mean a week off work, it does, however, offer an opportunity to reflect on your career. Did you set out in the new year to get a promotion or find a new teaching post? Has it gone straight back on to the back boiler because the school year kicked in? Well use this week to get your career back on track.

A New Teaching Career

Have you always wanted to become a teacher? Just qualified? Now is the time when schools post teaching vacancies for a September start, so don’t miss out on these exciting new roles, get your applications in now. This will give you the best chance to get the teaching position that is right for you.

Teaching Career Progress

Despite call from the education sector, there still isn’t enough new talent being recruited. “Whilst January may well be the most popular month for people to consider a career switch into teaching, the government is still falling short in its duty to guarantee enough teachers of a high enough standard to match the growing school population” said Russell Hobby, General Secretary National Association for Head Teachers. The Government failed to attract enough trainee teachers for more than 75% of subjects, including Maths, Physics, Design & Technology, Computing and Business Studies. The only subjects in which targets were met were Physical Education and Biology. According to 82% of Special Education Teachers and SISPs, there are not enough professionals to meet the needs of students with disabilities Furthermore, the number of school pupils grew by 120,000 in the 2015 – 16 academic year. The number of primary school pupils is growing so quickly that we are seriously failing to meet the demand for Primary School Teachers. So, if the surge in new talent joining the pool is putting you off applying, there are plenty of  open posts for everyone and the number is growing.

Teaching In The UK

Part of the government’s strategy on plugging the teaching skills gap over the last few years has been to use EU Nationals to fill teaching positions. However, without promises for EU Nationals to have the right to stay post-Brexit, it has made EU Nationals question the potential of their British teaching career. Last year, around 5,000 teachers qualified to teach from EU countries, that’s up from just 2,000 in 2010. The British teaching career has become an attractive prospect for many EU Nationals, particularly from Greece, Spain and Romania. In fact, the teaching shortages is such a problem in Britain that the government has decided to relax immigration admission criteria for potential teachers. Britain is not ready to shut the door on teachers from foreign countries when there is such a shortage in teaching talent, there are plenty of great opportunities to take advantage of.

Britain’s Teaching Opportunity

Not only are we failing to recruit enough people on to teacher training programs, seeing a growing number of pupils, and potentially losing EU talent but we saw 50,000 teachers leave the profession before retirement last year. The highest number for more than a decade. There are plenty of new opportunities that have arisen in 2017 and they are crying out for applications. If you have been considering a new job, now is the time to make it happen.

If you would like to talk through your teaching career aspirations, need some guidance on how to apply for new roles or coaching through the CV and interview processes, one of FRCE’s Specialist Consultants can help and tell you about some of our exclusive jobs that you won’t find anywhere else. Get in touch now to find out how FRCE can help and support you to find your dream job.

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