Seven Things You Should Never Do In An Interview

Seven Things You Should Never Do In An Interview

Things not to do in an interview


You have made it through the CV phase and been invited for an interview- well done! Now the goal is nailing the interview and nabbing that dream job. We have put together a list of common interview mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Arriving

    Plan your journey ahead, making sure you allow enough time for train delays or getting a little lost. Try and arrive with ten to fifteen minutes spare to give yourself time to compose yourself and mentally prepare for the interview.

  2. Dressing

    Wearing the wrong attire will not only make you look bad but it will make you feel uncomfortable too. You are much better off being overdressed than underdressed. If you are dressed appropriately you can confidently go into the interview knowing you have given a great first impression. What is appropriate attire? Clean smart shoes, smart trousers or skirt, a blouse or shirt, with a smart jacket, or a suit and tie are perfectly acceptable.

  3. Bad Body Language

    Bad posture, crossed arms, lack of eye contact, rolling of the eyes, slumping in your chair – No no no no! Your body language says a thousand words and is proven to be more important than what you are saying. If you look like you do not care, neither will the interviewer(s).

  4. Not Doing Your Homework

    Taking the time to read about the company and the role will put you in good stead. Check to see if they have been in the news recently, won any awards. If others haven’t done their homework, it will set you apart. It also gives you the chance to make sure the company and role is right for you too.

  5. Ignoring Boundaries

    Don’t be too informal. No kisses on cheeks or calling the interviewer ‘mate’. It is a formal business meeting, during which you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner. A simple shake of the hands and addressing the interviewer by title or name will suffice.

  6. Talking Money and Holiday

    Never bring up the topic of salary and annual leave entitlement. If the interviewer brings up the topic, it is fine to respond but you should not focus too much on this topic and do not allow it to dominate the interview.

  7. Speaking French

    Keep all language above board, swearing in an interview is an absolute no go! The English language has a vast array of descriptive words, there is no need to resort to cursing in an interview.

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