Build Your Career This Snow Day: Three Top Tips

Build Your Career This Snow Day: Three Top Tips

Snow Day


Let’s be frank, none of us are moaning about not being able to make it into work today because of that fluffy white stuff outside but have you thought about how a snow day could make your career or land you that dream job? We have put together three top tips on making the most of this snow day for your career:

1. Refresh Your CV

It’s normal that when you find a job, you forget to update your CV. You might have completed courses, or learnt new skills and neglected to quickly pop it on to your CV. The snowball effect (excuse the pun) of this means when it is time to look for a new job, the task of updating your CV is a mammoth task. A 30-minute refresh of your CV will mean it is ready to send when the time comes and you don’t miss any opportunities.

2. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, take the time to sign up. If you’ve been on it for a while and failed to update your CV, do that. LinkedIn is effectively a CV that works for you whilst you’re at work, it is visible to potential employers and recruiters. You might find that rather than having to complete reams of applications, offers come knocking on your door.

3.Talk to a Recruiter

Recruitment Consultants work office hours, which might mean you’re at work when they are. Make the most of this weekday off and get in touch with Specialist Recruiters like those at FRCE and find out if your current salary is right or if you could be earning more or if you are due a promotion. Recruitment Consultants are experts in this sort of thing and a little advice never hurt anyone.

Snow days are fun but why not take a short amount of time out of yours to make it your most effective day of 2017.

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